How to Double Your Earnings as a Freelance Writer


You probably have started a blog or picked a niche. You even updated your bio and proposal, but how sure are you that the big guys will hire you?

Note that there is no easy route to becoming a successful freelance writer. Once you become one, you don’t only write for a living, you also write to build your reputation. This means, you have to put extra time and effort in writing high-quality content.

Get paid more with these tips on how to be the best-paying freelance writer.

  1. Branding is the Key

As a freelance writer, you are a small company. Thus, you have to maintain a signature brand to build your exposure, and to set you apart from the other writers.

  • Create a compelling bio. Show what you really are as a professional writer and as a friend.
  • Take a professional photo of you—with appropriate background, outfit, and presentable appearance.
  • Adopt a writing style—unique and original.
  1. Give Value, Get Value

Content without information is a wasted content. Write good content, and surely, readers and clients will come looking for you.

And if your worth is more than what your clients paid for, why settle for less when you can ask for more?

  • Avoid mediocre contents. If you want to create a viral content, develop your writing skills.
  • Use different techniques—mini-stories, fresh metaphors, and catchy sound bites.
  • Find your niche and master it.
  1. Work for the Bigger Clients

Always remember that these clients are looking for specialists, so you may need to have a niche expertise already.

  • To further build your credibility as a freelance writer, write to some popular magazines, blogs, and website
  • Try conversion-driven copy writing; they’ll pay more.
  • Marketing copies, white papers, and business articles also offer the best pay.
  1. Right Marketing Tactics

Marketing strategies are important in freelancing. To grow your income better, use marketing tools online.

  • Make new connections through social media and seek for more potential clients.
  • Use compelling marketing e-mails to gain prospects.
  • Go for guest postings; they can be very helpful in the long run.
  1. Get started now

Most freelance writers are too bog down to start because they don’t know their expertise yet. Don’t let that trouble you; write now.



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