LitFire Product Reviews: Growing a Universal Readership Using Illustrations

Stunning illustrations bring color and life to your book, whether they are coloring books, picture books, or children’s story books. Illustrations materialize an author’s concept of the story and deliver the message to its readers through visual art. Through illustration, information can be absorbed quickly. They make a story understandable even to readers who do not know the language with which the story is written.

The cover will be the first thing your potential buyers will see that is why you need to make a great first impression. The interior design is just as crucial. Readability, legibility, and organization can make or break how your book appeals to a reader. This is where LitFire comes in. As an add-on, LitFire offers authors illustration services that consider the design and formatting factors in presenting, promoting, and publishing a book. It is offered as an optional service to authors who chose full-color packages.

Aside from book covers, LitFire also offers various graphic illustrations, such as coloring books, picture books, and children’s story books.

The Process

Sketch. Initial sketches are done focusing on character portrayal and story scenes. On this stage, LitFire presents a clean and simple illustration to give an overview of the illustration.

Style.  Details such as the texture and a 3-D touch will be added, to create depth and dimension to drawings.

Color. The last stage completes the reader’s experience. In every stage, LitFire asks for author approval and feedback. In the last stage, a preselected illustration is done first before proceeding to the rest of the images.

Author Testimonial - LitFire Product Reviews

LitFire acknowledges that authors have their own ways around illustrations. As such, LitFire will ask for the author’s original concept first. Formatting and sizing are also discussed for layout standards.

LitFire provides three options: Courbet, Rembrandt, and Bondone. There is a maximum order of fifteen illustrations for each option.

Through visual art, authors have the power to reach more audience and grow universal, as art remains the universal language that effectively communicates to multilingual communities.



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