Social Media Content as an Effective Marketing Tool

Reach your market through these remarkable ideas on social media content.

Social media content refers to the posts you share on social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.  Your social media success depends on how these contents affect your audience. Your aim here is not to garner thousands of likes—these likes are nothing without connection on a personal level. Your goal is to spark the right conversation, and to truly connect with your followers from all over the globe.


So what type of contents should you post in social media?

Are you striving to create contents that are clickable, engaging, and worth sharing? Below is a checklist to help budding authors reach their market efficiently and effectively:

  • Post feel good articles

Humans subconsciously look for something to make them feel good. Humorous, inspirational, and amusing articles are more likely to be shared across the web as opposed to depressing ones.

  • Tailor your contents for each social networking site

For example, members  of Google+ are eager to acquire information about a specific subject;  Facebook users want to catch up with friends; and LinkedIn users want to know about the latest industry news that they find useful.

social network.jpg

  • Reuse your old posts

Turn your old posts into a slide share, a white paper, or infographics. Tweak some words to prevent users from thinking that it has actually been published before. Lastly, make sure that it has been weeks since you posted the same content to avoid being labeled as a spammy marketer.

  • Talk like a smart person

According to a psychological theory on the Halo Effect, people think that intelligent individuals have good work ethics and are able to handle challenging matters. So share mentally stimulating contents, and avoid posting tacky ones. You have to build your credibility and gain trust in order to attract your target audience.

  • Avoid sounding salesy on social media

There is a reason why door-to-door salesmen are dreaded in most households. They often appear intrusive and annoying. Social media users are quick to sense sales pitches, so do not sell. Just concentrate on building a rapport by sharing positive and valuable content. All your hard work will pay off one day.


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