Are Dogs Really Man’s Best Friends?

Mary Lynn Swiderski Answers This in Her Endearing Story of a Saint Bernard

Dogs give unconditional love. Whether they greet you when you get home, or bark at you when they want attention, dogs always put a smile even to the weariest of heats. Having a dog as a pet is always a fascinating experience. This holds true in Mary Lynn Swiderski’s Barney the Farm Dog: A True Story, which tells an affectionate account of a Saint Bernard’s heartwarming journey, and his impact to Vic, the author’s husband.


Barney becomes an unforgettable character in the story as he brings happiness to Mary Lynn’s family, especially to her husband, Vic, who struggled with multiple sclerosis, a disease that affects millions of people around the world.  Multiple sclerosis causes problems in the brain thus affecting the rest of the body. Barney becomes Vic’s therapy. Together with other animal friends in the farm, Barney brings nothing but endearing moments. Through the book, Mary Lynn also aims to raise awareness on multiple sclerosis.

Barney the Farm Dog is a lighthearted tale not only to present the life on the farm but to uplift both young and old on how dogs can truly become man’s best friend.

The book presents delightful images—all true pictures of life on the farm—picked by the author herself. Get copies of the book in Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other retailers.


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