3 Publishing Reminders that You Always Need to Remember for Full-Color Publishing

If you want to justify your vision as an author, employ the best illustration and design, especially if you are for picture books and graphic novels. Precisely, full-color publishing is a need for your characters to breathe life. The color and vibrance that your pictures exude will give life and meaning to your characters’ development. Not only that, you bring your audience to the story you are developing. So how does a full-color publishing run? You bet it’s not just draw and color, right?


Make sure you get your manuscript done. Yes, this is an absolute rule for every author. You need illustrations in your book, yes, but your manuscript’s readability is another story—the first, actually. Illustrators need your manuscript to craft your ideas into pictures, so make sure you give them your best in the manuscript, firsthand.

Suggest images. You might think that adding pictures in your book is just your illustrator’s idea, but no. You are the maker of your book; you know it best. So communicate with your illustrator in creating the images that you have always envisioned. After all, when everything’s done, you will need to assure the quality of the illustrations—if they fit your book’s concept.

Cooperate in the cover and interior designing process. You need to get involved in this process: decide what fonts to apply, the type of paper to use, or how big your book should be. This is the fun and exciting part, so don’t worry. You will just have to continuously communicate with your illustrator.

In the last stage of book publishing, you get your book published in physical and digital copies. This time, you get a preview. This is your chance to make sure everything fell into place before your book goes out to the market. In Black and White publishing, this is also the last stage of the publishing process.

Full-colors are also used in cookbooks, brochures, and booklets, and are very much effective in children’s picture books and graphic novels. Use them to your advantage and transform your book into an interactive learning capsule.


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