Traits of a Successful Author

image credit: nikkiwoodsmedia

image credit: nikkiwoodsmedia

Success can be measured in many different ways. One author’s definition of success may be different from another’s. It all depends on your main goal. Maybe you aim to be a locally recognized writer or become the next James Patterson. Whether your goal is as simple as sharing a story to friends and family or as colossal as world domination, developing the following author traits should help you achieve anything.

  1. Have ambition

The thing about us humans is that we tend to never settle for what we have. Even billionaires still want more. This isn’t a bad thing because it encourages us to strive for excellence.

Ambition is the root of all achievement. You have to have that drive to be successful if you want to go anywhere.

In this day and age, where both self-published and traditionally published authors have to compete with each other, ambition will help you craft a brilliant book. You’ll be motivated to set the bar higher and produce a book to the best of their ability.

  1. Be persistent

Even if you have ambition, your motivation can dwindle until little remains. If you’re not persistent, you won’t be able to follow through your goals eventually.

In reality, many authors reached a rut at a point in their career. You become uninspired, affected by negative criticism, have trouble finishing projects… the possible causes are endless. If you ever find yourself stuck, remember that the place beyond the rut is what matters. More importantly, there will always be a way out of your perplexing situation. There is no such thing as a creative impasse.

  1. Write to express

This is one of the secrets to good writing. If you want to break the market, you can never go wrong with a well-written book.

Any writer or author knows the consequences of forcing creativity. Forced writing sounds unnatural and constrained. Your target audience includes readers who have developed a keen eye for spotting good writing. If you want to be traditionally published, remember that agents and publishers are readers, too. If you ever feel pressured to please your audience or if you feel writer’s block creeping up on you, remember this: write to express, not to impress. When you do, you can produce a book that feels authentic and even powerful.

One good technique is to write naturally without restraint. Don’t mind syntax and structure, and then go back and edit your work.

  1. Follow your passion

Passion is different from motivation. It’s the thing that enables you to continue your creative pursuits and perfect your craft. When you receive negative criticism, even when it’s from a person you idolize, passion will allow you to move forward and improve yourself.

When you have passion combined with motivation, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. If you want it bad enough, you will find ways to achieve it.

  1. Be professional

Being a professional involves: understanding the process of this business, receiving negative feedback positively, building a brand, and equipping yourself with the right tools.

Authors are more than just writers; they are entrepreneurs. It has been that way for decades and it’s more so today. You are going to compete with thousands or even millions of authors. To succeed, you have to think like an entrepreneur, play the game better and strive to outperform your competitors.

In sum, by maximizing your ability, talent, and resources and pursuing your dreams without stopping, you can pave the way to becoming a successful author.


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