A Guide to Book Marketing

book marketing

Image Credit: avivapub.com

Self-published authors often find themselves stuck with the job of marketing their own books. Authors long for an inexpensive method to maximize their time and marketing strategies to effectively sell their books. If you need a hand, here are some ways to efficiently and effectively market your own book.

  1. Personal Branding

When you’re trying to get people to buy your book, don’t be one of those pushy salesmen who practically shove their product down people’s throats. People want a chance to know you and your author brand before they actually want to trust and listen to the author who cried, “I’m the next best seller.”

Personal branding is just as important in book marketing as it is in marketing food, laundry detergent, and alcohol. People want a sense of the brand before they commit to it. In your case, your personal brand represents you as an author, even you as a person. The internet has made it quite easy to tell the whole world who you are. You can blog or you can do it through social media. Content is very important when you’re establishing your personal brand. You have to give your target audience a reason to like and follow your blogging and social media properties. High-quality and valuable content means everything to personal branding.

  1. Multimedia

Let’s face it. People just scroll past chunky blocks of text, especially when there are thousands of stories to discover online every day. To get more people interested in you and in your work, you can spice things up a bit by venturing into other media such as digital art, podcasts, and videos. These are great ways to connect with your audience. Although you may never see most of your followers in person, somehow they will trust you as a credible resource when you provide useful and interesting podcasts or informative and entertaining videos.


  1. Email list

When you’re promoting your brand, people will eventually get interested. When they do, they’d want to come back for more. Why not ask them to sign up? An email list is permission-based. It helps you disseminate information to your subscribers without blasting it into their faces. Through this, they can keep track with the latest news about your book. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Have a visible sign-up button. Make sure they won’t miss it when they’re on your blog.
  • Do not send spam. No one likes a spammer.
  • Offer your subscribers some freebies.
  • Use an established email marketing provider. This service allows you to collect emails, send emails in large volumes, and monitor your progress.
  1. Book Reviews

Have you ever asked someone’s opinion about a book before actually reading it? When we hear a good amount of great feedback about a book, our response would be to want to read it. This is true for many people. This can be true for your target audience. Some of these people are choosier about whose opinion matters and whose doesn’t. You can ask influential bloggers to review your book. The advantage is that these bloggers already have a fan base. Good reviews from these bloggers most definitely can get their fans to be interested in your book.

Ultimately, success in book marketing requires dedication and perseverance. Figure out what you want to do, do it, and do it with conviction. Set your eyes on the prize, and soon enough, you’ll be hitting the charts.


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