The Food Blogger’s Guide to Self-Publishing a Cookbook

Food is a popular topic on the Internet that will never die. People will always be drawn to mouth-watering photos of food, appealing new restaurants to visit and taste bud arousing recipes. This is why millions of people flock to food blogs every day. They’re the same people who share, pin, tweet and reblog food pictures.

That being said, food bloggers can be perfect cookbook authors for the reasons that:

1. They have so many materials from their photos and explorations of exciting dishes
2. They already have a follower base that swoons over their appetizing blog entries

This guide is intended for food bloggers or any author who want to self-publish a cookbook.

Quelling Doubts

Many aspiring authors are still hesitant to test the waters of self-publishing because of the notion that people expect indie books to be of sub-par quality. However, most of the self-published books that are dismissed are those that have not received effort and love from their creators.

Actual readers and book buyers don’t purchase books based on the publisher. They buy books based on content, recommendations and what they find from browsing bookstores. As stated by bestselling author Joanna Penn on her author blog, “I definitely do not buy books based on the publisher. In fact, most of the time I wouldn’t know who the publisher was anyway and in a brief survey of other book buyers they have a similar experience.

Appeal to the Visual Sense

Most of the time, the pictures are where the magic of cookbooks come from. Food photos can grab our attention by the eyes and stomach. That’s perhaps the reason the term “food porn” was coined. High-quality photos that highlight the best angles and spots of the food are very important.

Images are instructional materials because they tell readers how dishes should look like. They show the food’s ideal texture, shape and color.

Cook Your Content to Perfection

The text is as important as the rest of the book’s content. A main reason people buy cookbooks is to know how to prepare delicious (or healthy) food, and they expect to be able to clearly follow the instructions.

Make sure to clearly explain your directions, techniques and concepts. Educate your readers.

Also, some of the most popular cookbooks don’t rely on pictures, such as Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen. For this reason, consider hiring a copy editor who specializes in cookbooks to catch writing errors and make sure everything is flawless.

Prepare a Budget

Prepare a good sum of money the moment you decide to self-publish. Publishing through online platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is free, and other options to go digital only will require less than $50, but remember that opting for cheap options could reflect in your book.

To produce a great book, you’re going to need great photos and editing and cover design services to increase your cookbook’s marketing potential. If you’re going to use your own photos, make sure they have excellent picture-quality.


The market is filled with stunning and informative cookbooks, so if you want to make it big, you have to be competitive as well. Don’t compromise quality and sweeten up your content to make a cookbook that everyone can’t wait to eat up.


Don’t Be A Rookie! Find Out Top Hints for Self-Publishing a Cookbook

Even it’s your first time writing a cookbook, there is still a chance to sell more copies of your healthy cookbook. But you need to act like a professional and avoid the mistakes that most rookie authors make. Hence, to make your sales soar, you should find out what you can do and how you can create a high quality cookbook for your target market. If you’re ready, then here are some tips you ought to remember.

A Healthy Guide for Self-Publishing a Healthy Cookbook for Health Enthusiasts

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