How to Market Your e-book in 3 Easy Ways

How to market your e-book is something that you won’t learn in school. It’s something that you have to explore, although not totally on your own. This article will teach you the 3 easiest ways to market your e-book.

#1 Create a Landing Page

You must create a landing page for your e-book. This is where people can get an overview of your book – it’s a summary or plot, the benefits that they can get from it, your author biography, and other readers’ reviews. The landing page will also be where the readers can buy your e-book, apart from Amazon, if you are also selling it there.

#2 Promote through Facebook Ads

Although you can’t get this type of promotional service for free, it is still worth investing in. Facebook Ads cost around $0.50 per click and you can always choose the click limit. Through using Facebook Ads, you will be able to promote your e-book to your target audience because it will allow you to customize how and to whom your ad will appear. Your ads will appear on the side of your chosen audience’s news feed. Make sure to make it as appealing as possible to attract clicks and views.


#3 Use Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your Twitter tweets make them visible to a wider audience, especially if you are using popular hashtags. They make your tweet more searchable, and therefore, more people will see it and possibly spread it by re-tweeting. However, you must remember to always use hashtags that are relevant to your book in order to maintain your credibility as an author. Also, when someone replies to your tweets, don’t forget to reply as this will help you build rapport with your audience.

There are tons of other ways on how to market your e-book; these are just some of the easiest ones. What are you waiting for? Start planning your journey to higher book sales today!

How to Use Hashtags to Increase Your Online Presence
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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