DIY Book Marketing Techniques for Self-Published Authors

Marketing StrategyWhen I was just starting to write my first book, one of the questions that came to mind was how to market my book since I’ve decided to take the self-publishing route. So, I did some research and then I found out that marketing a book is not at all difficult, but it does take a lot of effort.

In this article, I will show you some DIY book marketing techniques that I’ve used myself.

1. Make sure your book is good

To know if your book is good and worth reading, it must have a purpose and it must benefit the potential readers in a big way.

2. Start marketing your book as early as possible

When marketing your book, it’s always advantageous to start early. As soon as you’ve outlined the ideas for your book, you can already start getting in touch with potential readers. You can even update them when you reach certain milestones.

3. Create a blog with original and unique content

One way to start marketing your book early is through blogging. This is where you can freely express your thoughts and ideas to get your readers excited for your upcoming book.

4. Join countless web forums

You can promote your book by participating in countless web forums that revolve around topics similar to your book.

5. Create a polished author bio

You must create an author biography that will make your readers see you as a credible author whose material is worth spending their time and money on.

6. Work on your sales pitch

Always have a sales pitch, or two, ready – a short one and a longer one. Use the short sales pitch to get customers and when they seem interested, persuade them using a longer sales pitch.

7. Market your book through article writing

Write articles that are related to your book’s topic and submit these to various websites such as,, and These are known to help with SEO marketing.

8. Promote through social media

Promote your book through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. Do this even before your book is published because that’s how you’ll get people excited about your book’s release.

9. Gather multiple book reviews

Once your book is finished, have it reviewed by friends, family, and colleagues. Post their reviews on your blog and social media pages to show the world that people have read your book and liked it!


10. Give a few copies away for free

Everybody loves freebies! When you’re a new author, giving your book away for free, within a limited number of days, often paves the way for higher sales in the future. However, you may also want to ask for something in return, like a testimonial perhaps?

When I learned how to market my book, I decided that I would share it to my fellow self-published authors. I hope this article will help you become successful as well!


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