4 Secrets to e-book Publishing Success

Digital publishing is easy nowadays. In fact, you can have your e-book available to readers all over the world in a matter of minutes, but that doesn’t always ensure impressive sales. If you want to open the floodgates to book sales, continue reading.

image by telegraph.co.uk

image by telegraph.co.uk

1. Start with the book.

To achieve success in publishing, the first step is to write a great book. Too many authors consider book marketing to be a completely different entity from the book writing process. When you write an amazing book everyone will love, it will be much easier to market it and gather a huge readership. Profitability can only be maximized by creativity and aligning your marketing efforts with your customer’s needs and interests.

2. Engage audiences and boost your author brand.

There are dozens of ways to use, so utilize a multitude of marketing platforms to take advantage of the promotional opportunities available at your disposal. Use a combination of online publicity (Facebook, Twitter, author website, Goodreads, etc.) and traditional publicity (radio interviews, print ads, bookmarks, etc.). More importantly, understand your target audience and find out what websites and social networks they use. This will help you put your book to where your readers are at.

3. Use multiple sales channels…

…As opposed to selling your book only one online bookstore. By making your book available to a number of sales channels, you increase exposure and reach. So, sell your e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks and Google Play among other online retailers.

4. Don’t stop.

Be consistent in your marketing your book. Regardless of the platforms you use, dedicate time and energy for promoting your book, especially when you use social media, blogging, podcasts and newsletters. Also, be consistent in the marketing message you want to convey. It’s good to experiment with a focus in your campaign, but stay on the message that your audience expects from you.


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