Traditional Book Publicity Tactics that Will Always Work

We are in the digital era, but many traditional publicity tactics aren’t going anywhere. In this age of smartphones and fast Internet connections, here are traditional marketing methods you want to use to drive book sales.


1. Book reviews

Reviews are a marketing tool. Even bad reviews can be good publicity. So, use reviews to market your book. Include them in the editorial review section of your sales page; place them on your book cover and front matter; and submit your book to top book reviewers (if you have the budget).

2. Radio interviews

First, it was “video killed the radio star,” but now it’s the Internet that’s the killer. Surprisingly, radio didn’t receive a huge blow. In fact, podcasts and radio interviews are big on the Internet right now. You want to enjoy this new love for radio and use it to widen your reach. By getting interview, not only will you be able to spread the word about your book through a different format, you’ll also be able to reach the interviewer’s loyal listeners. Popular radio talk show hosts abound the Internet, so reach out to them.

3. Bookmarks and postcards

Direct marketing isn’t dead as well. Bookmarks, postcards and other printed materials make great items to hand out at book fairs, speaking events and other networking venues. You can even hand them out to design your bookmarks and postcards to include your contact information, book title, and book cover. Printing promotional materials can be expensive, so make sure you have a clear purpose for using them before deciding on this tactic.

4. Press releases

Don’t underestimate the power of press releases. They are intended to alert journalists and media outlets about newsworthy information and events. So, if you want to be noticed, start with giving the media a reason to cover your book. However, writing a press release isn’t easy. You have to use the right tone, target a unique angle and impart all the necessary information. Consider getting hiring a professional for this activity.



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