Understanding the Tough Truths in Self-Publishing—How to Reach Greater Success

Is this your first time self-publishing a book? Have you been self-publishing your work without achieving success for a long time? Is your publicity and marketing campaign not doing well?


You’re going to need all the help you can get. There’s no telling how far you can go with your self-published work. That’s why it’s always a sound strategy to go for a self-publishing company that suits your needs.

Understanding the tough truths about self-publishing will help you build a firm foundation for the publishing journey ahead of you, as such, giving you a good head start.

Self-publishing is an entrepreneurial game. How successful you’ll become is determined by how well you play the business.

You’ll start at the least income you can imagine. Understand that this is not a rich-quick scheme. Be ready to work hard, and work harder.

Not everyone will like you—not everyone will like your book. If you think of hiring beta readers to give reviews, think again. It’s a good idea, yes, but it always is better to have your work assessed by a sound developmental editor, since beta readers are not as experienced and knowledgeable as professional editors are. Just be ready to accept negative feedback.

Your book’s design and cover will give a big difference. You can start by rounding up a few good ideas that will reflect the overall feel of your book. Hiring a professional designer and layout artist will help you spot on what’s good and what’s not. Remember that a book’s cover (and of course, the title) will help you get a good spot in Amazon.

Go to the world and tell the good news about your book—cliché but true. Self-publishing still relies much on the word of mouth. The good thing here is that there is social media. Use it to your advantage.

Self-publishing is promising, but the truth is it requires hard work. There will be big challenges along the way. Be ready.



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